About us

1. Who we are?

Black Pool Company is one of the leading companies in the oil sector. It was founded by Dana haji in early 2008 and received its license operate in both the Kurdistan regional and Black Pool city, England. As an operator with strong industry relationships, Black Pool Company pursue a unique set of competitive advantages in oil business.  We attempt to maintain the trust of our clients and our positive relationships with the projects that entrusted to us. We have two branches. One is located in Black Pool, the United Kingdom and the other on is in Sulaimani. Our oil activities cover Transportation, Refinery, Supply, Trade abroad, Selling to local oil station, and Filling Stations. 

2. Vision

Blakcpool’s vision is to achieve oil contracts and deliver profitable implementation. The strength of our management team, experience aboard, Commitment, Quality work, Integrity, Teamwork, Relationship, Respect for the individuals, Empowerment, and sharing same goals, provides the expertise to grow the business and the governance necessary to maintain the honor of the Company and effectively manage risk.

3. Strategy

We have mission to be the best company with high performances in the scope of oil. Our growth strategy is to enrich our existing relationships, regional presence and expertise to grow our development and exploration portfolio. We concentered on oil contract opportunities, the delivery of oil, and business efficiency across the Kurdistan region. We sustain the value of our oil assets via reliable operations, pursuing high-value exploration opportunities, and contributing to a stable operating environment in KRG

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