At Black Pool, we have capability to sustain value growth which depends on the company's performance to operate in a social and environmental responsibility. Thus, our strong HSSE track mission provides our license to operate in the Kurdistan regions of Iraq.
We have reduced the likelihood of major safety and environmental incidents. We have also kept safe our staff and neighbors while the life and up-time of our equipment is extended. This method has enabled the Company to maintain a competitive advantage over competitors as joint venture partners, national oil companies and governments.

We work to toward managing the impact of our operations on the environment and society. Our Commitment, Safety, Security, the Environment (HSSE) gives the common value statements and broad goals in these areas. They are made to make sure there is no harm to people, protect the environment, and contribute to the societies.

We are devoted to:

  • Save the environment
  • Respect where we work and contribute to the societies in which we operate
  • Use material and energy efficiently and effectively to provide our products and services
  • Report on our performance publicly
  • Play a leading role in promoting best practice

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