Black Pool Company can provide catering services from international or local caterers to onsite staff of the companies in the Kurdistan or Britain. Black Pool has full capacity to deliver high quality catering services to companies in a way that satisfies them. Besides food preparation, we offer service packages that include all nutritional needs. Both types of services are prepared by Black Pool catering teams who are pioneers in provisions for catering for oil and gas companies in the Kurdistan Region and Britain.

 Man Power Plan

Black Pool has adopted manpower plan in catering, camp management, or maintenance services.  As the Company operates and takes the responsibility of achieving tenders efficiently and effectively, we do provide the local people benefits, not only for our staffs, but for the people from the areas we used for our purposes and projects. Black Pool hires many people (skilled and unskilled workers) based on merit system for various types of career throughout our working. The more we make profit, the more we share it with those people due without them we could not accomplish those achievements.


Manual HSE

To have no violence in sites and avoid alcohol or substance abuse, we have developed HSE policies. We also established a clinic and trained medic with announcing Information on hazards and Hygiene inspection/report to reduce the minimum damages in the work place.

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